Enroll providers faster for faster return on investment

Worried that payor enrollment is impacting your revenue? We’ll eliminate enrollment issues for your current and future physicians.

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Payor enrollment, without the headaches.

01. Jumpstart Your Revenue

Strong revenue capture starts with accurate payer enrollment. We confirm enrollment with each payor and appropriately link your doctors to products.

02. Keep Your Doctors Busy

Payor relationships and expertise go a long way in enrollment. Our team and tech expedite new physician enrollment.

03. Choose Strategic Contracts

We update you on re-contracting opportunities before they impact your revenue and notify providers when they should renew their credentials.

Goodbye staffing struggles with DCMS payor enrollment

You can’t be expected to hire experts in every aspect of revenue cycle management. Get the benefits of best-in-class enrollment talent with our dedicated Payor Enrollment team.

What makes our team special:

Dedicated payer enrollment team

7+ years of payor enrollment experience, on average

Deep payor knowledge and relationships

Expertise in Medicare, Medicaid, and Managed Care/Commercial payors

"Some say the grass is always greener - but that certainly is not the case with Doctors' Choice!"

"At one point we decided to move to another outside billing company. After a grueling seven months, we decided to go BACK to Doctors' Choice. I think that says it all!"

Practice Administrator
Ophthalmology Practice

Accelerating revenue and adding visibility for practices

Payor enrollment can take 30 to 120+ days. Revalidation schedules vary by payor. DCMS tracks enrollment progress, monitors re-contracting timelines, and flags re-credentialing deadlines to keep your practice ahead of the game.

What we track on your behalf:

Payor enrollment status and expiration dates

Enrollment application process, progress, and due dates

All payor communications: emails, phone calls, documentation sent or received, and confirmation numbers

Proactively shared with you:

Updated provider ID reports

Opportunities for re-contracting

Deadlines for recredentialing

Confirmation when your providers are enrolled or revalidated!

Jesse Moniz
APS Director of Provider Enrollment

“Provider enrollment takes time, effort, and attention to detail.”

“I’m proud we’re able to take that tough task off a practice’s plate. We don’t stop until your providers are enrolled, and we do it right the first time!”